Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tis the season

this time of year is a bit insane. we work extra hours, take the girls to parties, and try to do just a little more housework. that is to say we try to do housework because around here, some IS more. oh sure, we manage to wash the dishes and scrape bits of food off the floor but there is more of an effort when there is a tree decorated to make the house look tidy. i mean you can't have the living room look as if there has been a bird fight and be in the Christmas spirit. (our couch is stuffed with down and when the girls play "build a fort with pillows" the down gets everywhere.)

let's see, where are we? the girls still are somewhat afraid of santa. we had breakfast with santa over the weekend and they wouldn't get close to him. in fact, they hid behind their friend Sophie and let her do all the talking. then we had the neighborhood santa party and there was slightly more interest, what with the bag o' gifts he was carrying. Viv pretended she didn't hear her name called so we almost gave her present to someone else. and Beatrice did the "grab the gift and run" routine. Phoebe? well, apparently she thinks you have to sleep if santa is around. she slept through both least the santa part.