Saturday, April 18, 2009

recovering from cake overdose

last week we had to celebrate Bs birthday no.3 and also Easter. it is such a festive time what with the painting and hiding eggs. the frilly clothes and loads of chocolate. then you add in a birthday cake from costco and find yourself whimpering in the corner wondering how in the world you could have thought the cake looked so small when you picked it up. it started well. how could you go wrong with real buttercream on chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse filling? B, our resident sugar fiend was elated. i need look no further for a birthday present than this. good thing she is also an non-stop action hero. she burns up sugar like our mini van burns gas. days later after shooing her away from the fridge again and then finding new finger prints in the icing again, i had to make the painful decision to throw the cake away. i'm sorry Beatrice, to tell you this, but the cake just about did us all in. you were sugar obsessed and i was... well, sick of sugar. you may understand this when you get to my age. we'll see. i'm sure i could have eaten an entire coca cola cake when i was you're age. for all i know, your Nanah threw away my cake when i turned 3. (knowing your Nanah, i doubt this) but you see, i don't know what happened when i turned 3 and i'm just fine with my childhood. we took advantage of such a large cake by singing "happy birthday" at playgroup with the neighborhood kids and then again on your real birthday with your friend Sophie. you had a great 3rd birthday! of course all three of you love to celebrate, but you, B, are a true party girl. happy to eat cake any ol' time. apparently now that you are 3 you also want to be like V and simply must wear dresses. fortunately for me, i can still talk you wearing appropriate clothes for the weather.
we also decorated eggs for easter on your birthday. B and V did a great job dipping and then when we got out the painting dye and PO had to get in on the act. you all did a pretty good job considering the mess you made.
we decided to hide eggs inside since it was sure to be cold in the morning. i did it at night after you went to sleep. your papa loves to watch Moses every year and mock it... the movie, not Moses. so we watched Moses and hid eggs. i decided i did not like the idea of NOT finding the eggs you decorated so i filled plastic eggs with chocolate and loose pocket change which i made you take turns hunting. the pocket change was a big hit and it saved us from too much chocolate. (i can throw out cake...chocolate, dark chocolate is out of the question.) Phoebe cleaned up with the change. then i went off to work and you all played "easter bunny" which comprised of hiding eggs for each other while hopping about. somehow the real eggs got mixed in with the plastic ones and i'm still not sure we found them all. B you found one under the t.v. cabinet just the other day. i won't let anyone eat it.
today we are back to what seems like winter weather. a very gray day with a chill in the air. i tried to let you play outside as much as possible but i could no longer stand the cold so i made you stay in after lunch. V and B play a good game of princesses who go to school. quite the get-ups i have to say...and you made me put your hair in pig tails which was not easy considering you have little hair. good thing P was asleep, i never would have gotten pig tails on her and she wants to do everything the big girls do.
as i type you watch the highlights of The Sound of Music with papa and sing and dance along. it is so precious and entertaining. i do hate to call out fair princesses.