Friday, September 26, 2008


i have managed to loose Beatrice several times in the last week. maybe part of the problem is that i have my mom with me and i'm lulled into thinking that it is easier to keep track with two. it's not. it may even be harder because you have yet another person to speak with and distract. it's like the difference between 2 kids and more. for some reason it's seems to be somewhat easier when you have just two little ones because there is less "noise". everyone takes a piece of the action. if i am by myself with them it's difficult but i seem more focused on them.

Bebe is the reason they invented the child leash. i'm considering one as an option.

so B took off down the mall by herself when i stopped to look at a sweater with mom. the next day we were at a used kids store and she was found in the parking lot by the staff. i was looking for shoes for V. i told her that she would not be allow out in public unrestrained for a while. she makes mama sad when she wanders off. it didn't seem to make a lasting impression-- me crying in the store when she was missing. she tried again the next day. leaving the house and going across the street to get a bike to ride around the block. i was supposed to walk with her to find V who was riding with the neighbors but she is just too impatient...apparently her mama is too slow. so she struck off by herself. she knows how to take the child proof doorknobs off so i can't even stop her from leaving the house. it's a frustrating time around here right now. it's amazing how in seconds she will be gone. i think i remember going through something like this with V but with only one child, it's easier to keep up. and B watches and learns things quick, V didn't have anyone to show her.

i'm sure it will settle down and we will get through this. it's times like this that trust in a higher power helps. i often have to throw my hands up and say, "thank you." knowing that her care and protection comes not only from me but in ways that i can only imagine. and i am grateful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


last week Phoebe found out that she could climb into Vivienne's youth chair which boosts her up to a better height at the table. she used to be single minded in her attempts to sneak past us and climb the stairs when we were too distracted to close the gate. now she has this radar that tells her when we have neglected to hide the chair behind closed doors and we find her sitting proudly in the chair...sometimes. other times she is standing and trying to reach something or just flailing her arms about in some crazy dance. a couple of days ago she made it to the chair just after V had vacated and while i was still in the kitchen unaware. by the time i registered all this, i find her in the middle of the table, on her haunches, grabbing the left-over pop tart shards that Will shares with B in the morning. B won't eat the crusts. crusts on pop tarts? yeah, i wonder about that too. and for the record we don't eat pop tarts every morning. we come across them from time to time on sale at the health food store...they're the healthy kind. hey, i'm a lousy nutritionist.

i would have taken a picture of all this but i was looking at the vase of flowers that PO was in front of and thought better of testing the balance of a one year old while i went to fetch my camera.

meanwhile B has entered a new phase of defiance and i will often spend my days carrying her up to her room for time outs. maybe i will be able to actually loose that last ten pounds of baby fat that i've had since i've been pregnant for the last 5 years. who needs a stair step machine? (and maybe i should forgo the pop tart left-overs.)

Vivienne is doing quite well with school. she was on the play ground yesterday when i went to pick her up and she has made friends with one of the boys, Casey. V's class is very heavy girl, so imagine how easy it is to find a boy playmate.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

let them eat cake!!

happy birthday, Phoebe Odette! it's a funny thing about turning one. your parents can't believe that you are actually one, at the same time they can't remember what life was like without you. you are such a integral part of the family that we just would not be the same.

let's see. you have had a pretty fabulous year. you had a big Christmas with the whole Bell clan. managed to charm everyone. you got to put your toes in the atlantic ocean in florida. (you also flew on a plane. you were very good.) you have been to the lake several times and love, love, love the water. you have a great time in the pool across the street. you don't even mind when your big sisters dowse you in the tub. one of your favorite things is climbing. climbing the stairs, standing on chairs, climbing into your sisters' bed. you get there and roll around giggling with such delight. it's hard to put a stop to it when it's sleepy time.

you try to walk. take baby steps toward me when i sit on the floor. you have managed up to four shuffle steps but nothing with complete confidence yet, plenty of excitement though. that will come. you have a very determined way about you. sometimes you walk around the house holding onto the walls like some little vision challenged person. i almost want to put sunglasses on you.

you approach things with such joy and gusto.

we made cupcakes, both B and V helped. banana with maple cream cheese on top. while we were singing "happy birthday" you tried to pull the lit cupcake off the table. i thought you would light the tablecloth on fire. your sisters so generously helped you blow out the candle but by the looks of the way you attacked your cupcake in your take-no-prisoners way, you got your wish.

i'm so happy to have had this past year with you. i am delighted to witness your days and adventures. we all wish you another year of such joyfulness and love!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

out of control?

there seems to be a continuing theme here with my two "big" girls. they love, LOVE to dress up and dance. last night we received a box from my good friend who has a bigger and older girl. we love to get her hand-me-downs. this box had a few choice pieces. still trying to decide if i should thank her for including the hoochie polka dot bikini. but B was thrilled to have it included....but i'm sure glad she decided to take it off before she went outside.

now Vivi is all crazy to have dance classes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


last night you girls were in a giggly mood. running about picking things off the floor, playing dress up. this is a good reason, i've decided, to NOT pick up after them. they wouldn't come up with nearly as interesting combos.
they were having such fun and looking so funny that Will decided to do a fashion show for me. so round the corner came first your papa holding Phoebe. strutting and saying you walk like you are walking on a rope. then came V. doing an excellent tight rope walk. and in the end was Beatrice in her sassy swagger. all of you at home on the catwalk. wish it weren't so dark. i would have shot a video clip.

Phoebe Odette is learning to give kisses. it's the usual routine of coming at me with an open mouth. quite wet. but it's a kiss and i'll take it. she also likes to touch foreheads and do a back and forth shake like an eskimo kiss but not always nose touching. she's such a little love.

all my girls are.