Saturday, September 6, 2008

let them eat cake!!

happy birthday, Phoebe Odette! it's a funny thing about turning one. your parents can't believe that you are actually one, at the same time they can't remember what life was like without you. you are such a integral part of the family that we just would not be the same.

let's see. you have had a pretty fabulous year. you had a big Christmas with the whole Bell clan. managed to charm everyone. you got to put your toes in the atlantic ocean in florida. (you also flew on a plane. you were very good.) you have been to the lake several times and love, love, love the water. you have a great time in the pool across the street. you don't even mind when your big sisters dowse you in the tub. one of your favorite things is climbing. climbing the stairs, standing on chairs, climbing into your sisters' bed. you get there and roll around giggling with such delight. it's hard to put a stop to it when it's sleepy time.

you try to walk. take baby steps toward me when i sit on the floor. you have managed up to four shuffle steps but nothing with complete confidence yet, plenty of excitement though. that will come. you have a very determined way about you. sometimes you walk around the house holding onto the walls like some little vision challenged person. i almost want to put sunglasses on you.

you approach things with such joy and gusto.

we made cupcakes, both B and V helped. banana with maple cream cheese on top. while we were singing "happy birthday" you tried to pull the lit cupcake off the table. i thought you would light the tablecloth on fire. your sisters so generously helped you blow out the candle but by the looks of the way you attacked your cupcake in your take-no-prisoners way, you got your wish.

i'm so happy to have had this past year with you. i am delighted to witness your days and adventures. we all wish you another year of such joyfulness and love!!