Tuesday, September 2, 2008


last night you girls were in a giggly mood. running about picking things off the floor, playing dress up. this is a good reason, i've decided, to NOT pick up after them. they wouldn't come up with nearly as interesting combos.
they were having such fun and looking so funny that Will decided to do a fashion show for me. so round the corner came first your papa holding Phoebe. strutting and saying you walk like you are walking on a rope. then came V. doing an excellent tight rope walk. and in the end was Beatrice in her sassy swagger. all of you at home on the catwalk. wish it weren't so dark. i would have shot a video clip.

Phoebe Odette is learning to give kisses. it's the usual routine of coming at me with an open mouth. quite wet. but it's a kiss and i'll take it. she also likes to touch foreheads and do a back and forth shake like an eskimo kiss but not always nose touching. she's such a little love.

all my girls are.