Wednesday, December 30, 2009

letting go

it would seem that the end of the year is a good time to let go of things no longer useful. Viv, you decided that two of your baby teeth could go. of course we know that you didn't decide this but we can pretend you had something to do with it. your first one fell onto your tongue when you were outside building a snowman with papa. it was not the one that i thought would go first. the really loose one hung on one more day and papa pulled it out while you were taking your bath. so you had a visit from the tooth fairy 2 nights in a row. the first night you got a shiny gold dollar coin. you tried to give it to me but i insisted you put it in your piggy bank. this morning you got two silver quarter coins. you don't know anything about the value of different monies and are happy with anything you get. i like that. you immediately give your second quarter to Beatrice who is now excited that the tooth fairy came. you both are planning the next tooth "outing" so that the tooth fairy will return tonight. you currently have no more loose teeth. when Phoebe woke up you decided to give your second coin to her. what a generous little girl. we'll see if that holds true when you discover the value of each coin. hope that doesn't change. so we put coin in all your piggies since you gave your two away, i found a coin for you to put in yours. it was a morning of celebrating.
while we are letting go of things, you girls could let go of whining and i will let go of impatience. i could also stand to let go of a few pounds but that is not all that important.

Friday, December 25, 2009

nice surprises "under" the tree

Christmas has many mixed emotions for me. i love the season, the lights, the parties. i hate the retail, the mean people and the whining.
you girls get invited to a santa party every year. santa is perfect and you always get a small gift. V, you were funny since you actually got what you had been asking for, you were concerned that you wouldn't get anything more on Christmas. B, you wanted what V got and couldn't enjoy your little playmobile unicorn/ carriage. And Phoebe, well, you were just so excited to get to see santa and get a gift. i know you like your magnadoodle cause you throw a fit when you have to share.
you girls were cute because i made chex mix and chocolate sauce for gifts and gave you a choice on what to give your teachers. B, you were definite about wanting to give chex mix to your teachers and i even gave you the option of both. and V you wanted chocolate sauce even though i gave you the option of both. i'm glad to be raising little girls that have an opinion although it makes me crazy at times.
you all were introduced to the Polar Express movie and seem to love watching it. i have to admit that it is well done, magical and fun to sing. asked for it almost daily. the very monkey Christmas was also a big hit. curious George has a way with songs that you girls love to sing and dance to. watching movies in our house is rarely a passive thing.
V, you had a winter celebration at school where you all sang. it was nice and you seemed to love the songs that you learned for it. you were very happy that i made it there and wanted to show your little sisters how to behave at school.
Phoebe, you like to sing the most. PO will break out in jingle bells anytime you hear some "tinkling" i love that you find a song almost all the time. and join me when i sing silliness.
it's quiet this year. no extended family to hang with but that made it for a little less stuff as well. although your papa's family loves to bestow the gifts. you girls were pretty good with the gifts stopping to play and appreciate the gift instead of just ripping through it all like crazy. you seemed to be more interested in seeing me or Will open a gift too than you have in the past.
V, it was important to you that you and papa go get me something special. after W got off work on Christmas eve you went to the mall and got me something. W said that you were looking at stuff for you as much as for me but that it was fun to hang with you. he even bought you an ice cream because it was a special date for him and he wanted to just take some time to chat. you ended up getting me a hip purse, raspberry with fringe. i love it because it makes me a cool mom. thank you.
now in the quiet that happens after all the gifts are opened, you girls flicker around between drawing and playing and watching videos. mostly getting along. a good Christmas gift for sure.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Naughty or Nice

ah Beatrice, there isn't a day that goes by that you don't make me smile with some little nutty thing that you do. you truly are a coo coo bird. of course that makes up for the little things that you do that make me want to pull my hair out but that's not what this post is about.

today you are sitting in on the toilet with a toy phone in your hand. i overhear you say, "hey baby, whatcha got going?" i wonder who you are imitating since no one i know speaks this way. you continue with your one sided conversation to the point that i have to remind myself that there is no way anyone is on the other side of a toy phone.