Wednesday, December 30, 2009

letting go

it would seem that the end of the year is a good time to let go of things no longer useful. Viv, you decided that two of your baby teeth could go. of course we know that you didn't decide this but we can pretend you had something to do with it. your first one fell onto your tongue when you were outside building a snowman with papa. it was not the one that i thought would go first. the really loose one hung on one more day and papa pulled it out while you were taking your bath. so you had a visit from the tooth fairy 2 nights in a row. the first night you got a shiny gold dollar coin. you tried to give it to me but i insisted you put it in your piggy bank. this morning you got two silver quarter coins. you don't know anything about the value of different monies and are happy with anything you get. i like that. you immediately give your second quarter to Beatrice who is now excited that the tooth fairy came. you both are planning the next tooth "outing" so that the tooth fairy will return tonight. you currently have no more loose teeth. when Phoebe woke up you decided to give your second coin to her. what a generous little girl. we'll see if that holds true when you discover the value of each coin. hope that doesn't change. so we put coin in all your piggies since you gave your two away, i found a coin for you to put in yours. it was a morning of celebrating.
while we are letting go of things, you girls could let go of whining and i will let go of impatience. i could also stand to let go of a few pounds but that is not all that important.