Saturday, September 20, 2008


last week Phoebe found out that she could climb into Vivienne's youth chair which boosts her up to a better height at the table. she used to be single minded in her attempts to sneak past us and climb the stairs when we were too distracted to close the gate. now she has this radar that tells her when we have neglected to hide the chair behind closed doors and we find her sitting proudly in the chair...sometimes. other times she is standing and trying to reach something or just flailing her arms about in some crazy dance. a couple of days ago she made it to the chair just after V had vacated and while i was still in the kitchen unaware. by the time i registered all this, i find her in the middle of the table, on her haunches, grabbing the left-over pop tart shards that Will shares with B in the morning. B won't eat the crusts. crusts on pop tarts? yeah, i wonder about that too. and for the record we don't eat pop tarts every morning. we come across them from time to time on sale at the health food store...they're the healthy kind. hey, i'm a lousy nutritionist.

i would have taken a picture of all this but i was looking at the vase of flowers that PO was in front of and thought better of testing the balance of a one year old while i went to fetch my camera.

meanwhile B has entered a new phase of defiance and i will often spend my days carrying her up to her room for time outs. maybe i will be able to actually loose that last ten pounds of baby fat that i've had since i've been pregnant for the last 5 years. who needs a stair step machine? (and maybe i should forgo the pop tart left-overs.)

Vivienne is doing quite well with school. she was on the play ground yesterday when i went to pick her up and she has made friends with one of the boys, Casey. V's class is very heavy girl, so imagine how easy it is to find a boy playmate.