Friday, September 26, 2008


i have managed to loose Beatrice several times in the last week. maybe part of the problem is that i have my mom with me and i'm lulled into thinking that it is easier to keep track with two. it's not. it may even be harder because you have yet another person to speak with and distract. it's like the difference between 2 kids and more. for some reason it's seems to be somewhat easier when you have just two little ones because there is less "noise". everyone takes a piece of the action. if i am by myself with them it's difficult but i seem more focused on them.

Bebe is the reason they invented the child leash. i'm considering one as an option.

so B took off down the mall by herself when i stopped to look at a sweater with mom. the next day we were at a used kids store and she was found in the parking lot by the staff. i was looking for shoes for V. i told her that she would not be allow out in public unrestrained for a while. she makes mama sad when she wanders off. it didn't seem to make a lasting impression-- me crying in the store when she was missing. she tried again the next day. leaving the house and going across the street to get a bike to ride around the block. i was supposed to walk with her to find V who was riding with the neighbors but she is just too impatient...apparently her mama is too slow. so she struck off by herself. she knows how to take the child proof doorknobs off so i can't even stop her from leaving the house. it's a frustrating time around here right now. it's amazing how in seconds she will be gone. i think i remember going through something like this with V but with only one child, it's easier to keep up. and B watches and learns things quick, V didn't have anyone to show her.

i'm sure it will settle down and we will get through this. it's times like this that trust in a higher power helps. i often have to throw my hands up and say, "thank you." knowing that her care and protection comes not only from me but in ways that i can only imagine. and i am grateful.