Wednesday, October 1, 2008

painted ladies

it's funny how motherhood brings new images to words once thought of in a completely different way. when i was younger and living in san francisco the painted ladies that always came to thought when the phrase came up was a row of houses on alamo square. now i have a different image in thought all together and it probably changes from time to time...

B, you got your heart painted at the opening of Jennie's new building. it was a crazy day with music, a little yoga, and your face painted after seeing Paige with her's painted. (you had a sun on the other cheek.) V ran circles around the building with Baxter and i had to drag you all away. Nanah was with us and a bit overwhelmed.

V, you had your face painted at a harvest festival. you wanted your face painted like Sophie and you had to wait in line by yourself for more than 10 minutes. i was busy trying to keep track of Beatrice and Phoebe who were trying to run around with Sophie. thank goodness Christy and Jackie were there to help me or i would have not been as patient as you were in your waiting. i was so proud of you.

P, you painted your face yourself the other night when i decided that i just had to let you dive right into dinner all on your own. you tend to screech these days if you can't self feed. if you look close enough you will notice the pasta on your eyebrow. i have another pic somewhere that also shows the pasta you flung on the stuck so i guess it was done.

watching you girls is very inspiring. there seems to be something new to notice everyday. especially with you, Phoebe. your Papa left for 4 days to go to Aunt Annie's wedding and you finally figured out how to walk your frankenstein walk while he was away. and you are a great mimic. you have a great "uh-oh" when we drop things and if we say peek-a-boo you echo "be-ba-boo" it's the cutest thing. by contrast, you Beatrice love to walk around saying "what 'em that?" it drives Papa a little crazy as he tries to correct you every time...'what is that?' and then you Vivienne, you love a good story. you had a tape measure last week and wouldn't let Beatrice touch it until you told her about it. "let me tell you a story about this. once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a man...." don't ask me to repeat it, i can't repeat something i made up so i'm never going to remember your clever tales. i should just strap a tape recorder around your neck. i might even get a story book out of it.

also B, in the category of "you say the darnedest things"...tonight Grandma was hugging you and patting you on the back. she said, "would you listen to that. it sounds hollow. whatcha got in there?" and without missing a beat you said, "some fishies and french fries." you had fish and sweet potato fries for dinner. you girls make me laugh.