Friday, June 26, 2009


there is nothing quite like a fresh picked (insert fruit or veggie here). we finally remembered yesterday that we belong to a CSA and our pick up is thursday. it started a couple of weeks ago and so we are a little behind. not much produce quite yet. we are set for salad, could feed a small army. i fear that i took too much considering you girls don't yet embrace the wonder of salad.

we did however pick some strawberries and sugar peas. Phoebe, as expected, you completely caught on to the pick and eat process. i don't believe you actually put any of your picks in a basket. you do like the strawberries better than sugar peas but the whole texture thing takes getting used to. Viv, you are a big help with the picking and want to find the perfect one. it is nice to have such a helper. B, you helped more than expected since i did not think you liked the actual stuff we pick up at the farm. you did a stellar job helping with the strawberries and while you didn't feel like eating them while picking you begged for them once we got to the car and would have eaten the whole quart if i had just handed it to you. i'm happy that you have finally added strawberries to your list of fruits. i can't believe it took so long. i might make a good eater of you afterall.