Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer camp

we have just survived two whole weeks of summer day camp. V and B had a blast and we discovered we are completely unprepared for school in the fall. and by unprepared, i mean to say that our girls are night people and NOT morning people. B does a fairly good job "snapping to" once she has a few moments to shake awake. V is forever dreamy in the morning and will sit on the floor staring at her clothes until being threatened about a million times that she will be left behind. i envision taking her to school at least once a week during the school year because she has missed the bus.
but back to camp. B surprised me in being the most excited about going to camp but not wanting us to leave her there once at camp. she finally shook it off about midway through the second week of camp. and the last day she actually told me to "go, i don't want you here." the camp does a great job on a budget. and they seem to really wear the kids out. it is just a park and rec camp and very affordable. the kids always get lots of physical activity and seem to always do an art project. B is turning out to be a by the book, follow the instructions art student while V seems to march to the beat of her own inner vision. i love that you girls are fully expressive of who you are and not trying to be something that you are not.
each day went by a different theme and the first week covered different ecosystems. like desert, mountain, rainforest, ocean, and antartica. the second week covered transportation and they talked about planes, trains, boats, spaceships and even had a visit from the firetruck and the ambulance on the last day. i'm sorry that i didn't get pictures of any of it. i did take pics of some of the art projects since i fear most will not survive. the "mountain" B made out of home made play dough already started weeping and had to be disposed of. sorry B. i hope you girls know that i cherish EVERYTHING that you make. i will always support your creative sides. and keep what i can to remind me of your progress of individual expression. it is so wonderful to see.
B made this fish, ( excuse me, "shark" she keeps correcting me.) during the ocean day.

the top is V's rainforest bird, and the bottom is B's version.

during desert day the girls made me a catus. V's is on the left and B's is the right.

now when the girls came home with this one it was antartic day and this was a snow picture. i paused and had to ask V if there was some sort of instruction because her picture was very unique. B's on the right looks to be a snowman like what most of the kids did. V told me that the direction was to "make a snowman, or do what you want." really? well then they BOTH follow direction well.

during the second week they didn't bring as many of the projects home because some of them were group efforts. the above are boats which i guess they were to race only my girls somehow did not participate. the large one is a sailboat which V made and the small one is B's little boat.
very sea worthy, i'd say.

i just love V's sail boat, if you look closely there is a white pipe cleaner that actually moves the "sail" around.

finally they talked about space ships and made UFOs. V said her alien was a ducky and B had Sophie, a counsellor help her with her alien.... love it!!!