Saturday, January 8, 2011

amazing, truly amazing

this morning i've been thinking about how much change we go through and that i've started to become immune to this sort of thing. not to changing, but to seeing this. Vivienne will always be Vivienne. Beatrice will always be Beatrice. and Phoebe will always be Phoebe. But you aren't the same. you add a new little thing every day that is so you that you don't seem different at all. yet i can't remember the how long it has been since Beatrice has been writing her name with large and small letters and i don't recall how long Vivienne's drawings have been telling a real story and well Phoebe has ideas that are all her own and quite thoughtful. Like the other day, Will and Phoebe were in the cellar and Phoebe turned out the lights. she turns to Will and says, "it's okay, i have big eyes, i can see in the dark." HYSTERICAL. where does she get these ideas? i wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face. don't imagine that Will did.
it's been a busy year. Vivienne lost her front tooth at Christmas and then right after the New Year, she lost a bottom one. Her second front tooth is so loose it looks as if it's coming straight out of her mouth. she has such a crazy looking grill, just like a urchin child. she will look so different, i think, when all her baby teeth are replaced. she already is catching up to me in height and seeming so grown up/ big girl.
the girls had a great christmas. santa party was a big hit. even made the local paper's blog.
we see from the video that Viv was really into the spirit of things. Beatrice was just hanging around (lurking behind Santa, really) waiting for her gift. and well, Phoebe was briefly sighted dancing around in the middle of the room once Santa vacated, or maybe it was before, he made his appearance. either way, she really had nothing to do with Santa. i don't believe she even sat on his lap --told me she didn't. she was more interested in the many costume changes she could find in the playroom. i had a difficult time surveying it all and eventually just gave up to enjoy the good food and adult conversation.
the girls are becoming quite the artists. almost weekly we find some fun little scribble that Will and i think would make a great t-shirt. we try to keep all this on file but sometimes the anti-hoard response kicks in and i sweep through the house damning all that is in my way. i'm sorry if i threw out any of your masterpieces. there will always be a new one with you three.
first grade is "the best year yet" for V. she is constantly coming home with great observations and talks quite a bit about doing patterns, recurring patterns. lets hope they are for good and not just bad habits. we still try to get you to bed earlier. it's hard with our work schedules.
Beatrice is the model student, literally. B's teachers constantly tell me that they use her as an example. our neighbor who reads to her class says that she is quite knowledgeable but not "show-off" i hope this is true. would want Beatrice to be hated by her classmates because she is a know-it-all. at home, at least you try to strike the middle child balance of listening/learning from V and teaching what you know. lately, you have been sharing your food knowledge with us as you are discussing the food pyramid at school. it's fun. Phoebe is constantly keeping up. she does a good job but doesn't seem to mind being left behind to have alone time or 'mama'time or 'daddy'time. just this morning the older girls went out to play in the snow and Phoebe stayed in to pretend play at the kitchen and draw. Phoebe takes her drawing time very seriously. she will even choose that over hot cocoa. i know it seems impossible but it's true. maybe this will change someday.