Friday, March 27, 2009

Phoebe flair

your really are becoming the chatterbox, Phoebe. just a word here and there really, but non-stop. all of your words have an e added to them. like you want to sound italian or spanish or something. down sounds more like don-nee. up is up-pee. you will say bagel-ee. and sit-tee. i have to try hard not to say the words like you do because i do want you to know the right way of speaking. you are just so darn funny, it makes it very hard.

Vivi, you have just become the big sister in all ways. you have to help Phoebe out. pretending that it is such a nuisance to keep tabs of her all the time. telling Beatrice that her screaming is giving you a headache, it is sooo loud. (sorry if i ever gave you this idea. i am hoping this phrase came from school because headaches are like dreams. they are only there when you are sleeping in your consciousness.) And the other day Beatrice complained that Phoebe was saying mean things to her. i reasoned that Phoebe doesn't really talk yet. but you, Viv, explained that Beatrice could understand Phoebe's talk and that is why she knows what Phoebe was saying. well, could you explain her to me then, Beatrice?