Thursday, March 19, 2009

things that make us smile

Phoebe likes to dance and sing. she is appropriately named since there is such a thing as a phoebe bird. the phoebe bird says its name though and our little bird does not....quite yet. she does sing to us. "twinkle twinkle" mostly. Will was commenting the other day how all the girls did the same thing when learning "twinkle, twinkle, little star". there is a vague reference to twinkle and then they say star. Phoebe says it like "tar" and then she goes from "up" to "high" and the best of all they (all of them) have the "diamond" part down. she will also sing (sounds like humming) along with the others when they sing a song, any song.

Beatrice will sing songs quite a bit too. it usually involves the chipmunks which i find frightening. mostly because i think i dislike the chipmunks as an adult but also because B has a voice that is very unlike the chipmunks. it's almost baritone in comparison. and today she started a dialog with her spoon at dinner that made me have to look away so she would not see me spit out my food, laughing. i wish i could share it with you but it was all way too fast. Will and i have decided that when B flashes her dimple it is one of the best things in the whole world.

another best thing is when they all sign the ASL shortened version of "i love you" to me as i go off to work. Phoebe's looks a bit like just the "L" and V's is pretty much a mirror of mine. but not to be topped, B has to tweak both her hands into the sign and double "i love you" to me. i usually am late to work because i have to keep this pong game of "i love you" going for as long as i can. it's so great.