Thursday, September 3, 2009

flying the coop.

yesterday was your first day of kindergarden. i am so proud of you. you have grown so much over the summer. at pre-school you were always a little apprehensive when walking into your class. you didn't seem to know what to do even after you had been doing this for the entire year. this year you marched right into class and listened to direction. you are beside yourself with excitement. i hope that school and learning will always be this much fun for you.
i made up some excuse that your bag was too heavy to let you take the bus the first morning. i took you so that i could run a few things by your teacher. and secretly, so that i could see that you are actually fine with it all. you are more than fine! you made friends and rode the bus home just like a pro. we were all waiting for you at the bus stop. your auntie anne was visiting and taking photos. your sisters and papa were there too. even big john was standing there applauding your dismount. you are loved, dear Viv.

Vivi, while you had a huge audience for your first bus ride home, your second day was sadly the opposite. you had no one show up at the bus stop. i was getting a haircut which ran long and your papa was taking auntie anne and uncle calhoun to the ferry. we both thought the other would be home at 3pm for your bus. luckily my hair place is right up the road so as i was sitting in the chair talking about my girls with the stylist she asked when your bus came. i said around 3 and wondered what time it was now... and then she said, "look there's a bus now" i got this strange feeling and tried to call home. couldn't get anyone. she saw the look of panic and asked if i wanted to skip the blow dry. so i quickly settled up and left. tried to run home in bad shoes and got to Elsom just as the bus was coming out of the neighborhood. the bus driver luckily saw my frantic wave and stopped to let you off. i'm so grateful to have not sent you back to school especially since i didn't have a car to retrieve you. you came off the bus teary-eyed and i felt awful. later at bedtime you told me you were not crying because you were left on the bus, you were crying because you wanted to go back to school and couldn't. i think you were trying to make me feel better. thank you my V. you are never out of my thoughts or forgotten.