Sunday, September 13, 2009

hi-ho, hi-ho, off to school we go!

Beatrice so wants to join V on the school bus. it is her morning mission to stand out front and wave as V passes by on her way to school. it makes me only slightly sad that B will have to wait not one but two years to join Viv. Beatrice gets over things pretty quickly. she does pretty much everything pretty quickly. i watched her figure out how to pedal the bike right after V did and i watched her figure out how to pump on the swing with V's help, watching her. she watches and she does. that's Beatrice.

i have yet to mention about B's first day at school. she is going two days a week at the YMCA. she has two teachers, Laura and Josh. she will get to go to the gym and she will learn to swim this year. and she will. she watches and she does. i told her she had to talk with a teacher if she was upset or had a question when i was taking her the first morning. she told me that she would have to talk to Laura because she is "shy with Josh." ??? she is having a blast. she cried the next day when she couldn't go to school. although, we are told that she likes to decide whether she will do something or not. she doesn't make a big deal of it. she just politely declines to do something. we are working on following directions. and that directions are not optional, but necessary. i was told she is doing better. and she said goodbye to Josh when she left last week. it was the first that he had heard her say his name. i think it made his day. she watches and she does. a perfect fit for school. she has a new friend named Vivienne. yes, she has a classmate of that name. you don't hear that name much, unless you live here. oh and apparently she doesn't like boys. something she learned her first day of school.
yesterday, i set the girls up with a netflix movie to watch with Grandma while i ran errands. when i came back later B was still watching the same movie and i asked her about it. she simply stated that Grandma set it up for her. (Grandma, yeh, right...) when i asked Grandma, she said that B put it on to watch. Beatrice showed me later how to click a movie and even how to make the movie full screen. i asked her how she knew that and she said very matter of fact, "i watch you, mama" i am in sooo much trouble... what if i teach her the wrong thing? she will be online shopping and facebooking before she hits first grade. i am in soooo much trouble. okay, B, i've got my eye on you!

oh and Viv loves school too. she has a "best" friend named Makayla (she likes to be called Kaki?) and she wants to do things that she does. she wants cheese and crackers because that is what Kaki has for a snack. she wants to have a cafeteria lunch because Kaki does. i'm sure Kaki is very sweet but i want Vivienne. i told her that she needs to do what Vivienne does.
she had a bagel and cream cheese for her snack and she is taking her lunch. thank you.
Vivienne also has a bus buddy who is in 5th grade. her bus buddy makes sure that she gets on the right bus to go home at the end of the day. Viv got a note the other day that said, "Toni, phone #, please have Vivienne call me if she wants to talk or play. p.s. bus budy" that is so very kind. V has a great school. and she is off to a great start!!! i am grateful.