Saturday, November 21, 2009

getting distracted, catching up.

halloween night the rain held off just long enough so my little creatures did not get soaked through.

went the week before halloween to trick or treat because i needed candy to hand out on halloween. (kidding, but really, did you need more candy, think not!)

we picked up Sophie to go with us on Church st. but had a great time running into friends, Baxter and Paige. this got B's attention and she let me finally take her photo. below, is a sweet pic of Sophie and Viv. having loads of fun.

hey girls, things have been busy around here what with the kitchen being "fixed" so that i can see your smiling faces all the time! thought i would load a couple of photos so that you can see that you had a fun, fun time being woodland creatures and trick or treating. the big thing this year was the chant "trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" don't know where you hear these things because i certainly did not teach you this. i blame school. you got too much candy (took the excess to work and shared with them, you'll thank me later) Beatrice, i threatened to take your candy away because it makes you crazy. and you just replied without missing a beat. "it's not the candy, mama. it's just me" good to know you are crazy on your own.