Saturday, November 21, 2009

when you're hot, you're hot!

oh, Phoebe, here you are with the new sink showing us how small you are and how big the sink is. maybe, i'll even fill it up for you to soak in one day. you are becoming so much your own little person.
last week, we were at the bank trying to set up all the details on our home loan and you were being a little difficult. so instead of doing what i should have and just struggled with you i let you wander. you and Beatrice ran circles around the reception area and then you spotted the light switches. you stretched and managed to flip the switches and i told you to stop. you did. but once again instead of doing what i should have done by picking you up, i let you wander. this time out of my view where you found another switch, in seconds. the fire alarm. and like the light switches, i imagine you stretching and stretching until you finally caught you fingers on that lever and pulled it down. the damage done, you come crying and screaming to me while it dawns on me what you have done. it is a horrifying thing to have a fire alarm go off but even more to know that your child caused it. "bad mother. bad mother. " was ringing in my ears right along with that alarm. we were asked to evacuate, everyone was. everyone felt sorry for you Phoebe. wanting to comfort you. i have to say i didn't want you to calm down and feel good. i wanted you to know that this is not okay. that you need to see there are consequences to your actions. sometimes very unpleasant ones. and i have learned that you are not to be trusted in public to make good decisions. you are, after all, a two year old and i should still be making your decisions. duly noted. i'm not sure if i am welcome at the bank anymore. and i'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we don't receive a bill from the fire dept. for the accidental trip. so far, so good.