Friday, April 9, 2010

while i'm posting video...

Phoebe is our singer of songs.
wonder when we can start the voice lessons...
today you girls stayed with John and Alida while we went to a parent/teacher conference.
They reported to me that Phoebe loves to sing and dance. she had John dancing to show tunes and reported that she had to have an apple to "keep her energy up" Beatrice is quite a puzzler. they have great old wooden puzzles that Beatrice just seems to know how to put them together. not a picture to go by or any guide at all. (B is also writing her whole name now and can copy what others write.)
Viv just started writing and drawing. and without asking for spelling wrote out their names. quite impressive.
speaking of impressive. Ms. Bliss says V is so good with her math skills and with language stuff. often in the afternoon when they are doing projects of their own choosing, V likes to sit at the story table and write. we have also noticed a big interest in that area at home. it is so much fun to watch them figure things out.