Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beatrice turns 4 take 2!

last sunday Beatrice turned 4. she is very 4 now. we had her party at a local gym that is set up well for young kids. somewhat intimate and great activities planned for the kids to do. they did a disappearing island game. (musical chairs where no one looses you just have to cram more & more kids in hula hoop/ islands as they become less and less in number until finally you have all the kids trying to stand inside one hoop) they had an obstacle course and a balance beam course.
B had a great time. she got to hang and swing and there was even a harness to hook into and jump doing backflips on the trampoline. B went home and immediately figured out how to hang from her trapeze bar on the swing set. "look mom. no hands" she also decided this week that she would write her name. she has to look at it written out but she does an acceptable copy job.
At her parent/teacher conference i found out that she is practically ready for kindergarden. she is reportedly very advanced emotionally.
below is B with the infamous coca cola cake. before it was demolished. this did not stay around a week!
here she is flying like tinkerbell!