Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smother's day 2010

today the girls had plans for breakfast in bed. i was to be pampered and not have to get up to eat. Viv brought home a brown bag which she decorated with a drawn picture of me in bed and filled (with help from Mrs. Bliss) with an apple, granola bar, juice box, and instant cocoa. it was very sweet and Will helped make the cocoa. while i snacked on my brown bag breakfast, V and B "helped" papa make egg sandwiches with fruit and coffee. it was all yummy even though i sustained minor rib and belly injuries as the girls fought and screamed over who would be next to and on top of mama. apparently "loving" mother on mother's day involves lots of cuddling in a very aggressive way. i couldn't feel more loved.

then mother's day was instantly over. no clean room like they said they would do for me. (at least not until Will went in and practically did the straightening for them) no extra special listening girls. and to just make their point that mother's day, indeed, does not last past noon, they went down to the basement and tore apart toys, flash cards, random baby items set aside for give away, and a mattress topper which is now scattered like snow over the whole lot. apparently i am the proud mother to a den of wild animals.

oh, and it snowed this mother's day, for real, outside. and happy mother nature day too.