Wednesday, June 2, 2010

running into summer!!

i can't believe we are within a month of finishing up school. and before we know it we are going to be swimming and doing summer camp. unfortunately with Phoebe having a late birthday she once again misses out on the activities. we will have to think of something special for her to do.

V is making great strides in school. she has lots of basic stuff down. she likes reading. she writes stories. adds and subtracts. and is a very good artist. as soon as i can figure out how i want to make one or two of her pieces into cards. who knows maybe she will take over the Christmas card this year.

B draws the best people in the world. she is full of expression but definitely trademark Beatrice. she can read a few words and write her name. i am amazed at what 4 year old B can do! her teachers think that she is very emotionally mature although i would disagree when she throws a tantrum or gets frustrated. she counts with V and is getting the concept of adding down. one more year of preschool. it will be interesting what that will bring.

PO is hot to keep up with the sisters. she is a chatterbox and rides her tricycle like nobody's business. her drawings are a bit like straight lines but very controlled so i know that she's getting it. she counts and may even understand what she is doing. and her pretend play is the best.

every year there is a marathon in Burlington called the Vermont City Marathon. the organization that sponsors it also does an event for the kids the day before. it is called the y.a.m. scram. the kids can run a half mile, mile or two mile course. the girls were invited by the neighbors to join them for the scram. they finished the half mile and it was tons of fun. once again Phoebe was disappointed that she was not able to participate but she made up for it by being an excellent cheerleader.

the video shows the kids warming up. they take this very seriously and will be great contenders if they take up running in the future.