Wednesday, June 2, 2010

yet another milestone

this past monday while i was at work the girls decided that they needed to ride their bikes without the training wheels. Baxter across the street has been riding for about a month or so and they saw another young friend Mia riding around the block with her mom monday morning without her training wheels. since both Mia and Baxter are younger than V, i mentioned that maybe we should spend some time with the girls soon so they could maybe master this.

so the girls begged Will and the training wheels came off. according to accounts Will almost didn't have the bolts tightened on B's bike before she was on it and trying to pedal away. he took one step and realized she didn't need him holding her. done. she is biking without assistance. crashed a couple of times in the grass but has since mastered start and stop and only topples when she turns too sharp.

V was a little shakey and didn't get it right away but Will said she was not discouraged. i was a bit worried at first that V wouldn't want to keep trying if B mastered it first but she is determined. while i was at work on tuesday she figured it out and now needs no assistance as well.

the girls are growing up even if i'm not around to view it.

tuesday morning B made me come out in the rain to see her new skill. she is so proud and so am i.