Saturday, June 26, 2010

just a difference of 5 years....

Vivienne Elise, you have been with us for 6 years now and you constantly amaze and delight. i know it's a bit cliche and all parents will say this, but it's true. you are wonderful! i should also note that the amaze part isn't always a good thing though.... like when you wiped your hands on a beautiful dress after falling against a t-shirt that had wet fabric paint on it. with all my experience in dealing with paints, and even fabric paints, i drew a blank and couldn't quite get the dress back to normal. *sigh* please stop wiping your hands on your clothes!
but you are in many ways so accomplished. writing your stories, drawing your pictures, even reading your books. the little one year old that you were in the picture above told me nothing of what you are today. it's such a slow unfoldment that i don't often take notice of it until you are in full bloom- and i'm sorry that i am slow to celebrate when this happens. but i don't do justice to the young lady that you are becoming. trying to be helpful, quick to share and care, and yes, show off. pretend playing with your sisters- school, wedding, "cyberchase"...and with your friends, playing princess and clubhouse.... all these things and more are a part of a day with you, Miss V. thank you. and happy 6th birthday!!