Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beatrice, the storyteller

Okay, so B, you have a knack for telling stories. I'm not sure if you actually believe what you tell people or if you know you are making things up, but you can be totally convincing. Like the time that you were pointing out a little girl in a picture that used to live in our neighborhood to Leslie, and you told her that she was our cousin that died because she smoked. you had Leslie absolutely baffled since she knew that a little 4 year old was not dead from smoking-- but you were seemingly convinced of it.
And then the other day we found this little clown that was yours since you were a baby. it plays a little song and there are lights that flash on/in it. i told you that it was yours and you used to love it. that there was a time when we were at Nanah's house and mama was out running errands and you were home with Uncle B and started to cry and cry. he finally got you stop by holding this little clown for you,- playing it over and over.
you said that you remember that it's your favorite doll!!!! you LOVE it!!!
you then told me that you remember that and that Uncle B taught you this dance while he was playing the song for you. and that i would NOT know this because i wasn't there. (you said this several times with emphasis.) so then you showed me this dance. i wonder if Uncle B remembers the dance? we should ask him....

now if you told me that it was Uncle Robert, i might have believed you. (even though he wasn't there) somehow the only way i see this dance coming from Uncle B is if he were showing you some japanese tea cermony or something.... even then.... i'm not buying this one, Beatrice.
but it's a pretty dance, too bad you gave up on ballet.