Friday, October 22, 2010

time flies

Of course so much happens in a day there is no way to remember what may have happened since my last post in July but Phoebe Odette turned 3! We didn't have a party in the grand sense but she got a cake and a week later the neighborhood kids were over for a movie night so we sang "happy birthday" and she got a second cake. Unfortunately i only had a tiny bit of space on my memory so the video of the singing got cut off. Phoebe did get the whole song AND a second cake, she wasn't cheated.
We are into a pretty regular routine around here with school in session. Always a slow start to the morning, dragging the girls out of bed, coaxing Viv to eat and B to stop growling. Apparently around here, we are not morning people. Vivienne is a bit on the dreamy side and B is just plane grumpy. Phoebe, we don't know about yet because we haven't really pushed waking her up, she gets up on her own and quietly slips into the routine. She is a bit more of a morning person, i think. She likes to have her food straight off and then second breakfast and sometimes comes back for a bagel or toast. this girl wants to fuel up. it makes up for the fact that she rarely shows much of an appetite at dinner. she is a little bird of a girl.
Viv loves her first grade class. Makayla (her BEST friend from kindergarden) is in her class again and they had to figure out pretty quick that maybe they "shouldn't sit together" so that they will "learn more". She has a class pet of a hermit crab and her teacher is so nice because "we get to sit where we want". She still goes to her Kindergarten teacher every morning to give her a hug. Viv loves her school. i love that.
Beatrice settled in completely at her preschool after the first week. She didn't have fun at first because she didn't have any friends but now she talks about classmates who she likes and seems to have fun. Her teacher Barbarajean says that having B is like having another teacher who reminds the kids what they should be doing (in a good way). Annie, another teacher, tells me that B is her model for when she needs someone to show how things are supposed to be done and that B knew all the names of her classmates almost at the same time the teachers did and the only student who knows who everyone is. i had a neighbor stop me to tell me that she reads to B's class and that B is great and smart but not in a know-it-all way. (thank goodness.) it is refreshing to hear these things about B since i don't get to see this as often as i'd like. it would seem that B doesn't think her best behavior is necessary at home. she has completely figured out the computer wanting to pull up her favorite video on netflix. the only thing holding her back is her inability to read. when she masters that i will have to put on some serious parental controls which she will probably be able to navigate around in a matter of months. i have an ipod touch that Uncle Rob gave me and she figured out the "games" pretty quickly and shows V and PO how to do things on it. She is a pip.
Phoebe is delightful. she chats us up when she gets to be the only child. she has pretty much potty trained. we have to remind her when out and about and still need to watch her when she sleeps but is completely self-sufficient during waking hours at home. She is so funny shuffling around with her pants at her ankles, announcing her success, doing a little dance. i will always celebrate that!