Sunday, June 6, 2010

sing and sign

all of the kindergarten classes have been learning how to sign songs all year and they had their concert on Friday. V did well considering the concert went on and on. i only saw her yawn once. and well she does tend to get distracted but when she's on, she ON! like doing her "thank you" sign at the end of the songs. she's very polite on stage.

also taking into account the length of the event, PO and B were great. they only started to bicker once and then they got distracted. distraction is my best friend and my worst enemy.

there were points when B or PO were trying to copy the kids singing and it was almost as cute as the kids doing the concert. wish i had a real camcorder so that i could do better video but this is enough to get the idea. it would also help if i didn't have two little girls trying to climb me and pull my arms while i am taking video. this song was B's favorite she continued to sing it the rest of the day. singing "oh what a chemical am i!" i will refrain from comment on B singing "chemical" for the moment. (in case you don't understand the kids they are singing "oh what a miracle am i") here are the little miracles!

oh and if you can't see her, V is right behind the little girl in the light purple dress who is not dressed like the others.