Thursday, April 17, 2008

i win!

Last week the girls decided to go on tour without me. Now I have been drilling it into their pretty little heads that they may not leave the house without mama or papa. It apparently didn't stick. One morning while in the middle of the dreaded bill paying I was prompted by my youngest to do a thorough house search for the others. I found nothing and when I was really beginning to panic. Vivi came in the the front with the exciting news that she and B were outside. (To their credit they had on coats and hats and boots...good spring gear) Not sure how long or where exactly they went but I was in freak mode. I put them in their room and continued with my chant...."do not leave the house without mama or papa, do not leave the house without mama and papa....(i'm sure they hear) wha, wha, wha, wha, wha,"

When I come to my senses I begin to fortify the entrances. I put baby gates up and find them extremely difficult to enter and exit myself. But the girls will not leave without me. Then talking with my good friend Suz about it, she asks if I have any of those spinning door knobs that make it hard for kids to grip the knob. I run out immediately and and buy a six pack. I want to put them on all the doors. Unfortunately it only fits on the back door. The front door is a lever and the upstairs are all oval knobs. Darn me for looking to have an interesting knob or two. Well the gate is still up on the front but the back is difficult for me to open and now entirely kid proof. Thanks Suz!

Took Bebe to get a haircut today. Her first She now has a cute sassy cut and is telling everyone that she sees-"I got a haircut". She is quite proud of it. I'm proud of her. And now we will have no more comb out crying. Yay!

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