Thursday, April 10, 2008

two, tutus and too much

Today little B celebrated her second birthday. As Vivi was quick to tell anyone who would listen, today, is her birthday party but tomorrow is her actual birthday. In some ways I think she loved it. She is still singing "happy birthday to Beatrice" and she will open the birthday cards and read them. "Happy Birthday Beatrice, happy two, I love you" she reads. You would think she has never had a birthday before. She did do quite a bit of hiding. She wanted to be witness to it all but preferred to be on the periphery. At one point, one of the parents said to me, "Beatrice is up from her nap." When I clarified, "Phoebe?" This was the only child that I knew to be sleeping. He said, "No Beatrice." He thought she was sleeping since he had not yet seen the birthday girl. To which I replied "she's just hiding from her birthday. starting early, that one"

I wanted to make pink cupcakes with little ballerinas on them like she knows from Charlie and Lola a fun British animated show, but I had to settle for just pink cupcakes a la Pinkalicious --a favorite book of hers. I spent a good hour searching for little ballerinas that would fit on the top of a cupcake to no avail. I did find it on the internet .... too late to get shipped. I'm the worst mom. I plan a party for her that I know I'm going to do about a week and a half before, then actually start doing the shopping for it the week of the party. LAME. Sorry, Beatrice.

She did sport the outfit of the day with her pink tutu and leggings... A purple windbreaker and rain boots, once we moved outside. The sparkle purple rain boots made the ensemble.

It was a grand day and I made myself only marginally exhausted.

Phoebe slept the entire party and Viv had the most fun with all the attendees. All of my girls...each individuals.

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