Thursday, May 7, 2009

letting go

today i went through lots and lots of baby things. one of papa's co-workers is having a baby and seeing that we are not, i decided they should benefit from all our generous donors (they are young and have none). most of the things we get are second hand and we are so fortunate to have such a well-spring of hand-me-downs. and once all the hand-me-downs mingle together i swear they create more hand-me-downs because i was a bit overwhelmed looking at the boxes and boxes of things. i hope i didn't scare them too much.
i decided to just let them go through the boxes and choose what they liked since i didn't really feel like walking down memory lane. hope i didn't pass along anything too girls have not been on best behavior the last couple of days with all the rain and waiting for repairmen. i should just consign myself to taking you straight to the laundry and therefore just let you play in the mud. but sometimes i'm just not in the mood for that much dirt. i will have to get used to it since i've promised to try a garden patch with you this year. it could be very small but i could at least try to grow salad. luckily we are not in full growing swing so i have a bit of time on this one. the topsoil gets delivered next week.
there has been quite a bit of competition between V and B lately. not sure what to do about it. i talked with our wise neighbor Ms Alida (mom of 4 and retired school teacher) about it and she laughed, essentially saying "good luck". i know you girls love each other and we will figure it all out. i am really hoping that you learn to anticipate how your actions will make others feel. V, you are so sensitive that i hope that you will "get it" quickly and i know you all have it in you.
we had quite the nice day on saturday. you spent the better part of an hour helping big John clean out his compost. sifting, filling bags for later use, putting worms back into the compost pile. hope you are this helpful with the garden.
just wanted to make a comment about the saturday before last....we stayed at V's dance class. it was her last and we got to watch what they have been up to. V is not much of a dancer yet. she gets distracted and doesn't seem to have her heart into. she does have a good time. then we went to the Maple festival and the girls road the rides. V loved the whirly one, B did not. Sophie's dad was a good sport and road on all the rides with B. didn't see that one coming. i do think B likes to be in control of her daredevilness. she doesn't seem to like true "out of control" much. hope that stays with her in her teens. Phoebe slept during the rides but certainly LOVED the maple creamee. (it was a pity since i was planing on eating her leftovers)