Thursday, May 28, 2009

may i borrow the car?

today i made a small error in judgement. i first began a debate with V on the merritts of pants over a skirt when it comes to looking pretty. (mistake, yes, not the error in judgement however)apparently only the missing princess shoes will complete pants when it comes to making a 4 yr old look beautiful. and we won't go into the fact that if V would just put the shoes back where they belong when she takes them off they would not be missing. so while i have this debate the other girls are out waiting patiently in the car, right? well, i actually buckled in Phoebe before i realized there was a missing daughter so she was waiting patiently. B, you are another story...always the exception. apparently you were not buckling up since once you do so, you can't move about the car. silly mama. you were just pretending to buckle up. instead you were roaming the car, finding the car keys, putting them in the ignition and starting it up. i went on a tirade the entire car ride to take papa lunch while my heart took its time slowing down to a normal rate. and your excuse? i wanted to be like mama.

so what did we learn here? no one is allowed in the front seat until they are taller than me. no one is allowed in the car unless an adult is present. and i will never leave the car open or even the keys within child's reach ever again.

and this will be why you may not be able to drive when you are 16, in case you were wondering. (i've been scarred for life.) and we also learned that if kids are going to imitate mama, i really need to be making better decisions. and i'll start by not entering into any debates on fashion with a 4yr old.

and the answer for today is NO, you may not borrow the car!