Wednesday, May 27, 2009

once upon a time

the other night at dinner i was getting just a little fed up with you B. you had been whinning quite a bit and did not really want to stay at the table. in your wiggles you ended up banging your leg. i said something like "come on, shake it off" and you said "i can't" in a horribly whiny tone. and i said something like "sure you can, just laugh, ha ha ha" you then replied "no, i can't, it's not in my story" so i was now no longer annoyed with you. you can be terribly disarming when you want to be. then i suggested that we rewrite the story. so you began "once upon a time....Beatrice banged her leg and then began to laugh, ha, ha, ha" now i have a secret weapon that i will use repeatedly. anytime you are not happy or behaving well i am going to suggest a rewrite. i am the mama and that makes me the supreme editor. i will work until we get to the part that says, "and they lived happily ever after"

Phoebe, you are quite the smarty. you no longer just repeat what we say but reply in your own words. i love the way you seem to alway hold my face and say "mama, i la lou" and i love that you call Viv, "Wivwene" and somehow Beatrice is always "Teatou" (still trying to figure that one out but that explains a little how Aunt Shirley became Doodie to Nanah)...teatou reminds of a french word but i can't remember what it means. some day i'll look it up. and girls....mama loves you.