Tuesday, August 11, 2009

go Phoebe go!

yesterday Vivi wanted to "help" Phoebe go to the potty. so Will got Phoebe all set up with the dora potty seat close by and left. Viv got Phoebe out of her diaper and onto the dora seat and coached her on going potty. much to our delight V really did "help" and PO went poopee, V wiped her and they flushed and yelled to us and the world "Phoebe went poopee!". then we all celebrated and P got m&ms. all day long she used her diaper instead of wanting to go potty. but we've started. i am told that before bath time she did use the potty, sort of, a little.

this morning when i got up and went potty i asked P if she wanted to try. she said "on the dora seat." so we got her set up and she went, really. and her diaper was dry. we celebrated and she got m&ms. we are very excited that soon we may be a diaper free house and moving on to just pull ups during sleep.

Phoebe Odette you will get anything you want for your 2nd birthday if you potty train before then. (good thing you can't read yet, but i'll throw a rockin' party for you, for sure...with lots of m&ms!!)