Sunday, August 23, 2009

just to catch you up

Beatrice, we are working hard to see you as you are. sometimes this little creature appears out of nowhere and roars an ugly roar and doesn't listen very well. or listens and then does the opposite. we know this is not you or who you are. you can banish the creature anytime.
Vivienne, we are making progress on your being "too" sensitive. you are mostly agreeing to put your hair up so that you don't unconsciously suck on it. thank you. and you let me floss your teeth last night mostly without struggle. you do not have to be afraid. you always have Love and where there is Love there is comfort and peace. look to that and you will be fine.
Phoebe Odette, you will never catch up to your sisters although someday you may surpass them in many of the activities that you all do. no need to be frustrated with what your little body can't quite do. you always have what you need at the moment. let's be happy with that. and just because your teeth are coming in doesn't mean that you have to prove it to us by biting Beatrice. (even though sometimes it's probably that little creature that shows up that eggs you on. don't be provoked by it.)and maybe "no" isn't the answer to all my questions. you might miss out on something like chocolate.
you girls can be a handful sometimes. the constant wants, needs, questions and complaints are often seemingly over-whelming. it doesn't have to be. i DO take delight in your activity and marvel at your ability to process and understand. i need to be reminded to be more like you girls, open and resilient. but we could all do with a little more volume control. when it seems like i may not be listening. it could be that i choose to not listen. or i may be wearing my ipod. maybe you should check.