Saturday, August 29, 2009

tinker bell

i know that i shouldn't put you girls in front of the t.v. as much as i do but it is such fun to sit with you as you watch tinker bell and hear you explain to me again what is happening in your oh-so-excited way. you tell me who's who and explain what is good and bad. i love that. i'm happy that you can get sooo excited about things and begin to understand what is happening. i'm glad that you identify with the good.
we started netflix finally and our first film is for you. tinker bell. it's a simple story of how tinker bell came to be and what the fairies do. how to work together and help one another. how to identify who you are and be true to that. very imaginative and pretty.
you have become somewhat bored with it. you walk in and out of the room and get easily distracted from it. i guess 8 times in about a week and a half is overkill. time to send it back and get the next one.