Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Field Trips

When one has small children there are many ways to get through the day. I'm considering any suggestions and working on a list. This week we decided to take the girls to a local fitness club to swim. Vivienne was beside herself. Beatrice kept chanting pool, pool, pool. Phoebe, well she just does what she does....shrieks loudly and smiles.....a lot. I got the girls little floaty suits so that in theory we wouldn't be completely glued to them. It turns out no matter how floaty they are (Vivi's is rated life saving by the coast guard) you will still be glued to them unless they are trying to pry themselves away to go running around the pool. Bebe did slightly better than V which is interesting because her suit is not rated to keep her head above water. She did actually take in some water but was not discouraged. Just as long as she was able to clutch tightly to Mama, everything was peachy. It was still fun and I will go again (19 times to be exact since I bought a punch card for the pool) I hope that some day we can get down to some swimming and less clutching. It's a great pool though. In the basement of an old woolen mill which has been carved from a hillside of rock. The wall are rough rock with just a small bank of windows/door. Will calls it the grotto.

We also go almost weekly to a great science museum that has all sorts of fish, turtles, and frogs and things. It is geared toward kids and they can touch starfish or just play with little boats in a watershed "experiment". There is also a little room to romp thru a play lighthouse, in a sailboat and mini mountain to "climb". Most of the time we meet up with a woman I work with and her daughter who is a little younger than V. Today we were alone. I have to admit it is fun to dish with the other mom and have a second pair of eyes to track down Bebe when she wanders off but it is fun to be with just my girls. They sometimes impress me with their ability to step up and listen when I really need them to. Today went off with only a teeny incident. There is lots of water at this place and the girls tend to get really wet playing. I have learned to take a change of clothes to be able to take them out to the car, in the cold, DRY. Apparently I did not pick the right top for B today since when I handed her a dry fleece she flung it to the ground and said "no" Since I am sleep deprived and was in no mood today, I simply said "fine, I'm going home now. Bye bye." After momentarily debating whether she wanted to really throw a tantrum I guess she decided it wasn't worth it and put on her shirt. Thank you B for being kind.

While the younger two were having their naps V and I had tea. Vivi like apple "tea" warm.

While we sip tea she crosses her legs like me and says that she loves all her family. I'm really glad we had that chat.

While I'm thinking of it....Beatrice is such a funny creature. She can't stand to have anything rolled up or pushed up. Don't push her sleeves up to wash her hands and don't roll her waist band over so her pants won't be too long. I just picked her up and she got irritated with me because her pants were stuck on her calves and not down at her ankles. Oh, excuse me. Miss OCD must have things precisely the way she must have them. Life with a two year old....

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