Friday, January 2, 2009

before i forget

Beatrice gave us the best present ever. she started trying to use the potty. one day she just decided to go and then had to take a picture of it since i was at work and could not see it. she has been doing fairly well since. she seems to understand that she needs to keep the pull up dry. i'm not counting on it being a take away the diaper and she goes without accident sort of thing but i do like where we are headed with this. she is highly motivated by peanutbutter chocolates.

the girls are all little dancers lately. it's very cute when music comes on and they will start to dance around sometime holding hands. the other night some "donna" tune came on that Will had to turn up for me and the girls were dancing around right out of the bath. it was a snapshot straight from Matisse's Dancers.

Phoebe and i play this little hug game where i ask for a kiss and she reluctantly gives me a hug and we take turns squeezing and making a little grunt noises. it's the best.

and Beatrice likes to get real close and look wide eyed at me and say "i can see me in the black of your eyes."