Thursday, January 22, 2009


Viv, sometimes you just make me shake my head. it's one of the coldest januarys on record with days not even making it above freezing and you are running around in a short dress proclaiming it to be summer. i happen to know that our thermostat is set on 62 degrees. what about that says summer? so you just come to me after finally putting on tights, a sweater and shoes and announce that you are cold. really? putting on cotton tights, a cotton sweater while wearing a short sleeve dress isn't enough? there is a teenager down the street who wears flip flops and very short skirts almost everyday and i wonder what her mom thinks or says. i will find out someday i'm sure. at some point, the battle is not worth it.
last night all three of you took turns waking up and crying. Phoebe you win for perseverance. B and V took seconds to go back to sleep. you kept the scream going for more than an hour. not sure what the deal was. i guess it doesn't much matter now. your papa finally came downstairs and sat with us to settle you. i was a bit tired this morning and you sure napped well.
play group was meeting at the ice rink today. i really had to push myself to take you after my lack of sleep. but love never needs sleep so off we went. B, you made a great effort pushing milk crates around the ice. better than last year when we put on your skates, and the second your feet hit the ground, you screamed, "take them off!" V, you are a star. off to a shaky start but once the instructor started you followed right along. by the time you were asking to switch to your boots the instructor asked you to be her partner and off you went....without much help. a few more visits and you'll outdo us all. (certainly your mom who has logged only about twice as much ice time as you.)
so everyone was mostly in a good mood today. even with your mom being in hibernating, grumpy mode. you even want dinner that requires no going to the market. breakfast. a great meal any time of the day.