Wednesday, January 28, 2009

grading on a curve

when you read these posts, i hope that you aren't too harsh with me. there are always going to be things that will make you say, "i won't be like that when i'm a mom" but sometimes you just don't know until you are there. i can't recall anything that my mom did that i would not do. she is a good example for being a mom. i don't think i ever had a "i hate you mom" moment. hopefully you girls will feel the same.

today was a challenge for me. Phoebe gets her nap cut short by Beatrice so she follows me around fussing. She also keeps trying to climb onto a high stool and i think i'm just going to have to make it disappear. no matter how many times she slips trying to get up she still tries. her mother's determination, she has.

it started snowing when we got up this morning and did not stop. i burnt your papa's grill cheese because Phoebe fell off the stool and i forgot about it. and i left the house before they snowplowed so i had to dig myself back into the driveway. how silly is that. so we all made some bad decisions today.

V and B, you kept pulling things out of the bedroom that you aren't suppose to touch. you dropped something down the sink which made the water back up and you continue to pick on one another. if you learn anything, i hope you learn to think about what it is like for others.

and B, you took a fork to the nice dining room table. what? we made you call Uncle B since he gave us the table and apologize for hurting the table.

Phoebe you had a complete screaming, crying fit when i was outside shoveling but you forgave me quickly. you tried to help me unload the groceries. of course the kind of day i'm having found me playing pick up sticks with the spaghetti when the box opened as you pulled it out of the bag. you are great though and tried to help. good thing another parent just sent me an article from the NYTimes saying that eating a little dirt is good for kids. so i didn't have to even claim the 5 second rule. i just thought to myself this is going into boiling water so i'm using it. also, Phoebe, stop climbing up on things, but don't stop that little squinty thing you do with your eyes. and it is so cute when you try to give me butterfly kisses. you are the only one of my girls who doesn't really know what butterfly kisses are. but you have a great time when we snuggle, giggling and giving me butterfly kisses. thank you.

grading on a curve, this was a lovely day....