Sunday, January 4, 2009

the power of chocolate

Beatrice, it would seem that you can poop on command. the thought of getting a peanut butter chocolate is so appealing that you will disappear at least twice a day and produce "poopie in the potty", at which point you will announce, "come see, i did poopie in the potty" you will not allow anything else to occur until all of us have had a chance to see and fully appreciate the moment. then you begin the bargaining for the reward.
today we went to the potty twice while at church, just to pee. when we got home you began to even add Viv into your requests for the chocolate prize. "can i have a peanutbutter chocolate since i went pee/poop in the potty, and can Viv have one too?" you ask. you are quite the generous one when you know you've got it all locked up for yourself.
the only thing that i take issue with is that you need to have a new pull up on after you have used the potty. the old one is, well, old. it isn't even slightly soiled, you are so on top of the "going to the potty" thing, that isn't an issue if you are awake. so i decided that you don't have to wear pull ups except for nap time and when we run errands and might not find a potty fast enough. you seem okay with that. you are a big girl now.