Tuesday, January 20, 2009

inauguration day

girls, you won't remember this day. i will try to remember it for you. this history books you study may not even have this history. it my be too new. but you need to know that for a while now, we americans have been waiting for the moving of the water. waiting to be the first to jump in and be healed. looking for our miracle. i've often looked at that bible story without wondering why Jesus didn't heal everyone waiting and what was special about this story that we learn something from it. i recently read something that questioned that very thing and noted that it maybe wasn't the healing that we were to focus on but the fact that there is a man who does NOTHING but wait. looking for help and making excuses was basically the rut that this man found himself in. sure, he was a cripple so it must have seemed hopeless for him but in thought and action than in physical being. well, Jesus basically said to get up, roll up that bed of excuses and walk. he refused to see this man as hopeless mortal. this is where we are as a nation. we can no longer look to government or others to help us and we definitely need to stop making excuses. i am hoping that in his inauguration speech, Obama will tell us to roll up our sleeves and get to work. i hope he will be the president that inspires us to do better and be our best selves. and to stop making excuses. it is time to stop our wait on the water and see ourselves in the proper way. well, enough of the metaphors... we are entering a time that will require lots of patience. patience with ourselves and our government. we have quite a few things to correct about our nation and hopefully we will roll up our sleeves and, with wisdom, set to putting things in order and seeing things as they should be. your future is a bright one and it's time we make it so.
on the home front, you, Phoebe could be a little more independent, if i had my wishes. it is becoming tiresome to have you follow me around wanting to be picked up all the time and screeching when i don't relent. i know you have it in you to be little miss independent and know that some day (like with Viv) i will miss having you come up and want a hug and want to be my baby. can we find a happy balance, please? and when there is only one mama you need to share. you and B can't keep fighting over mama and screaming, shoving, even biting when you can't have me all to yourself. enough. on your part Phoebe i know it's frustrating not being able to talk yet and not having the words to say, "it's my turn." or whatever. i try to keep it even but just because you can't say it doesn't give you the right to scream nonsense.
Vivi has started to go to preschool on tuesdays instead of mondays. this is a good thing to spread the week out some as well as give you more physical activity since tues. is gymn day. today V, you wouldn't kiss me on your way out the door to school. you gave me an air kiss. i guess this is the anti-Phoebe but i'm not ready for the "i don't have time for mama" routine yet and i hope that we never actually get to that. i will try my best to be there, to have time. i hope you will too.