Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is there an echo here?

Beatrice is at that crucial point of development in which she repeats 80% of what you say. Vivi says "i want waffles for breakfast" Bebe says "waffles for breakfast, pease". I have to give her kudos for not only expanding on what V says but also makes it more polite. Bebe is quite good at remembering polite. Vivi, not so much. We try and try to impress upon her to always say please and thank you but still seconds later she will say "I want...." I wish I knew what it was that I was doing wrong.

We did have a great mother/daughter outing on Sun. although I had get over myself. I got tickets for us to see a puppet show of some Eric Carle stories..."The Very Hungry Caterpiller" being one of them. It is a black light show so the lights were dark and the music was very soothing. Being so excited about the show V did not take a nap and after the first story she said that she was tired. I tried to keep her up but by the second story she was out. I got a little put out that I brought her to a show that she would sleep through but then I just let it go and decided to enjoy the show. She actually did wake for the last story, "the Very Hungry Caterpillar" The little girl next to us was narrating the show in her own way and V decided to join in. They went back and forth telling us what was about to happen. After a bit V turned to me and said "she is my new friend" I hope she always makes friends so easily. It ended up being very delightful and V had fun.

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