Friday, March 7, 2008


This morning we were waking up slowly, cuddling in bed and there was the sweetest moment between Phoebe and Beatrice. Normally I am wrestling B away from Phoebe to keep the littlest safe but today there was no struggle. Beatrice was in my lap and Phoebe beside me. As B snuggled her hand dangled down over Phoebe and Phoebe reached up and clasped Bebe's hand. There was such tenderness between the two and everyone felt the presence of Love. Phoebe smiled and a second later I heard the familiar pop of Beatrice's thumb coming out of her mouth. She turned to me with the most delighted look of amazement. "That's your sister." I said, "She loves you."

It was beautiful.

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Susan said...

dang, I'm a little weepy now.