Saturday, March 8, 2008

little miss "tag"-a-long

Lately I've been struggling with the phenomena that happens when you put two toddlers together. Vivi does something then, of course, Bebe has to do the same. Then Beatrice will do something that V has to join in. It tends to drive me crazy when it is something like slinging food or shrieking in a very high pitch. (shrieking in stereo....yeah, fun.) So I'm trying to impress upon Vivi that she gets to do big girl things that Beatrice does not and in turn she has to teach Beatrice how to behave like a big girl. If she is going to act just like Bebe then she will be treated like B and not get to do fun "big girl" things.

It seems to be backfiring a bit. V has started to blame B for evil doings that I'm not exactly sure B has done. Beatrice still owns up to things she does. Like the other day when I was making breakfast, Bebe is tagging the house with crayon. Yes, our freshly painted walls are decorated with the little tagger's marks. And V didn't stop her. Beatrice did admit to her "murals" even after I was raging through the house like a mad woman brandishing a squirt bottle and sponge. Yet today she would not admit to throwing Vivi's sandwich on the floor when V very adamantly claims that she did. What to do! No, really what can I do? And how do you get crayon off without scrubbing paint off the wall with it?

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