Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a landmark day

In kiddie world where I live, sometimes you can just feel like you are caught in this endless cycle of diapers, food battles, and "no"s. I have to remember to remind myself that there are very sweet moments in my day. Beatrice telling me she loves me while patting me on the back. Viv announcing that she thinks it might be a good time for tea. Both B and V having a friend over to play and each giving her a great big hug goodbye. (Bebe actually ran across the room and almost knocked her friend down.) Phoebe smiling across the room just so thrilled to see me that she can hardly contain herself. Seeing the girls run to the door when either one of us comes home from work, just to give us a hug, and excited that we are home. I know that these things will not last forever. On some days I am more than grateful that kids grow up so fast. Each milestone is such a bittersweet pause in a life that is hectic.

Today, Vivi announced that "Beatrice used the potty, I heard it, mama" I am happy to hear such a thing even before she is two, and I am thrilled that V is teaching her good things. Never mind that B was running around "naked girl" for a while after that. If that is why she takes her clothes off, I can get on board. Peeing on the stool after bath time is evidence that we can't quite pull out the big girl panties yet. Oh well....

Phoebe is getting the hang of eating. She had a great load at breakfast and didn't do too badly at dinner. I have found that to get her to actually eat I have to restrain her hands and not let her take the spoon. She then will open her mouth like a little bird and she makes a decent effort at keeping all the food inside. I think she likes it when I spike her cereal with fruit. Today the menu had apple. She gets a A for excitement. It's more than I can say for her sisters on some days.

Vivienne continues to remind me that she is ready for school. When will she get to go? We're working on it but it's good to hear that she is so ready to learn. I do hope that will always be the case.

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