Sunday, March 30, 2008

Soooo ready for Summer

Ahh Summer, a loose term also meant to be Spring way up here near the border. Winter goes on forever and then suddenly you find that you have made it all the way to Summer. We had snow on friday and today it is quite warm by our standards. We got to stay outside without having to check for frostbite. Running around on snow mounds and checking every so often to make sure we haven't stepped into hibernating dog poop.

The family is planning for a trip to Florida to convene with as many family members and friends who are just brave enough to show up. The girls are taking inventory of all their belongings, trying to decide what they simply must take with them. I think their "water" glasses are on the list. I have a feeling they would have need of sunglasses more but we'll see. I will have to edit the list drastically when all is said and done. There will be tears and negotiating and when I have gotten control of myself I will have them down to one suitcase. It will be an exercise in imagination. You want that toy? Okay, let's pretend we are playing with your.... I love traveling with children.

Grandma is visiting at the moment and we all know what that means... tons of sugar. G thinks that graham crackers are a healthy lunch. She gives them ice cream in the afternoon before naptime. (Now what incentive do they have to actually nap?) And she always thinks that they need something. (of course they do they're toddlers) She is from the camp that thinks if you put it in front of them, they will eat it. (and they won't, they're toddlers) I have lots of inappropriate snacks prepared in my fridge of things they will not touch. But she is a marathon book reader and will run back and forth to the kitchen a million times over to wait on them. Got to love the attention that she showers on them. It does make it easier for me to make it through a day without a meltdown. Me, not the kids... they still meltdown. Like when I tell them they can't have yet another piece of candy before dinner. Sure, G makes me look like the bad guy. I guess I'll do the same if I'm ever one. But girls, I'm putting this in writing...I will try to listen to you when it comes to your kids.

V loves having Grand around. They spent a good half hour playing waitress. G already has Vivi working up at the Friendly's. (I'm telling her to hold out for a place with good food.) But it is cute when V takes an order and comes back to the table with a good approximation of the order in her plastic toy food. And she never forgets dessert.

Beatrice would just have G read a thousand books if she didn't put a limit to it. And Grandma picks up after her so she doesn't have to. Bebe is always first to start the clean up song but the first to get distracted. I do hope that it is developmental and not laziness.

But I love to see my girls each find a place in their day for their Grandma and learn what it means to be a part of something bigger than our little five.

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