Sunday, March 16, 2008

things that we choose to forget

So I've started feeding Phoebe real food. I can't remember exactly when I started food with the other two except I know with V it was early because she had teeth like at 4 months and I thought if she had teeth she must be able to chew. It turns out she, like all little ones who aren't used to having foreign substances shoveled into their mouths, kept spitting it out. So I stopped trying to feed V and started up again closer to 6 months. With Bebe I didn't try until she was swiping stuff off my plate and I felt it was an act of preservation to give her a meal of her own. Then I find out she really doesn't want to eat her food and to this day will still eat food off my plate but won't eat the very same food off of her's.

Now personally I wasn't quite ready to start feeding Phoebe but at one of her wellness checkups I was told by both the nurse and her pediatrician that she should be eating solids now. I came home hanging my head for not being the forward thinking mom and had to face the fact that now I had to enter the food battle with yet one more child. I say this because it is always a struggle to get the two toddlers to eat real meals. Vivi will eat all kinds of fruits and some veggies if she can "swipe" it off the counter and then leave it half eaten at some highly inappropriate spot. Beatrice will eat no fruits in real form and very few veggies and I'm convinced that she eats them just to mess with me. Like just when I have told someone that she won't eat anything that appears to be good for her, she will eat an entire plate of broccolli. Go figure. So now I have to redeem myself as a mom and somewhat healthy cook by breaking in another little foodie.

So far, I am fighting with Phoebe over who exactly gets to hold the spoon. She wants to but won't take it out of her mouth if I try to feed her with a different spoon and yells at me if her spoon doesn't have food on it. I have been feeding her about two "meals" a day for a week and so far I would be surprised if she has actually consumed an entire bowl (about 3 tablespoons) of cereal/banana. She does wear it well.

And just so I don't forget.... Will occasionally asks me if Beatrice cracks other people up as much as she does him. And I have to say yes. She is really a nutter, in a good way. Today we were at the science center looking at frogs and fish and turtles and she found a turtle tank that has a tube in it so that the kids could crawl under the tank and stand in the tube putting them basically in the middle of the tank. Now we frequently go to the science center and I have never seen a kid in the tube so I think it must be blocked or it really isn't a tube. (I'm too big to investigate this.) So B finds the tube and stands up in it yelling "hello turtles!...I see you turtle" cracks me up. Of course this doesn't count in the answer to Will query about if she cracks others up. So just to prove my point we are in another part of the center and she walks up to a tank that has a rather large turtle in it and while this family is trying to figure out what is in the tank she yells "hello big turtle!" smashing herself against the glass and making them all laugh. I turn to Will and say...there you go.

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